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CIS 105 - Computer Applications and Information Technology

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This course is part of the Applied Business Analytics Certificate. Learn more about the certificate here.

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Course prerequisites and requirements

To be successful in this course, we recommend English language fluency and computer literacy. We also encourage you to make sure your laptop or desktop computer meets the technical requirements.

Knowledge of basic Excel functionality will be very helpful in setting you up for success in this course.

Quick facts

Next start date:

Aug. 20, 2024 (8 weeks)

  • Credits: 3
  • Length: Self-paced or 8 weeks
  • Cost: $25 + $400

What you’ll learn

  • Use a dual focus approach to study information systems from both tactical and organizational viewpoints in order to advance a broad understanding of digital transformation’s impact on people, business processes and organizational strategy
  • Understand the limitations cognitive biases can inflict on individuals and learn how business decision making can be enhanced through judicious use of supporting technologies that enable leading-edge modeling and analysis
  • Describe industry competition in an age of digital transformation using frameworks and constructs that enable a fundamental level of competitive strategy analysis
  • Debate how well digitally transforming industry competitors are positioned for sustained advantage by applying concepts and contexts related to platforms and competition in two-(or more)-sided platform-based market spaces
  • Leverage this first course in business to understand the exciting career paths available now – and those that may be created as digital transformation continues at break-neck pace

What to expect in class

Readings, Excel activities, content mastery activities, quizzes, midterm, final, and reflection boards

Exams and grading


Content Mastery Exercises (12)


Quizzes (7)


Midterm Exam


Final Exam


This course appears on your transcript identically to how it appears on the transcript of an enrolled ASU student who has taken the course on one of ASU’s campuses. Course attendance dates will be listed on your transcript. A self paced course will appear on your transcript in the session you complete the course.

This course satisfies 3 credit hours toward the QTRS: Quantitative Reasoning General Studies requirement at Arizona State University. It is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring your credit.

Faculty and course staff




Clinical Associate Professor,

W. P. Carey Information Systems

Arizona State University

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Clinical Associate Professor,

W. P. Carey Information Systems

Arizona State University

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Online Course Manager,

Learning Enterprise

Arizona State University

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Why take ASU Universal Learner Courses

  1. Credit you receive is from a regionally accredited university
  2. Your credit is highly transferable
  3. You only pay the $400 course cost if you pass

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