To participate in Universal Learner Courses, your laptop or desktop computer must meet the technical requirements listed in the table below.


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    Tablets (iPads and Android tablets) and mobile devices (iPhones and Android phones) are not supported.

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    Some 2-in-1 or hybrid laptops (such as Google Chromebooks) are only compatible with courses that don’t have proctored exams. To confirm if your device is compatible with the proctoring software used in our courses, please contact RPNow at 855-436-2039.Courses that don’t include proctored exams are: English Composition (ENG 101), English Composition: Research and Writing (ENG 102), Identity, Service and American Democracy (PAF 112), Perspectives on Grand Challenges for Engineering (FSE 150), The LivingWorld (BIO 100), Habitable Worlds (SES 106), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101).

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