Bring ASU college courses to your employees

Through Universal Learner Courses, you can provide your employees with a risk-free way to earn college credit and begin to make direct progress toward an undergraduate degree today.

Why offer Universal Learner Courses?

Universal Learner Courses benefit your organization in a number of ways.


Increase retention rates among current employees.


Make your organization a top choice for potential employees.


Cultivate growth, success and advancement.

We provide access and support

Employees will have access to ASU support specialists, as well as a unique login portal and sign up experience.


Only pay when they pass

Payment is only collected if your employees successfully pass their course(s) with a “C” grade or higher. They can retake the course(s) if they do not pass.

Move on to ASU

Whether they simply want to take one or two courses or they’d like to use Universal Learner Courses to earn admission into ASU, your employees can begin making direct progress toward an undergraduate degree.

Leverage tax incentives

Through these courses, employees are eligible to earn their admission into ASU. You can cover Earned Admission for an employee for well under $5,250, which is the Education Tax Credit limit.

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