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Reminder: The last day to convert a course at the adjusted price of $99 is August 25, 2020 11:59 p.m. MST.

Math Scholarship

Math Scholarship

Good grades pay off

Receive a scholarship for your math course

The Math Scholarship is a performance-based $400 online scholarship awarded to individuals who complete MAT 117 College Algebra and Problem Solving or MAT 170 Precalculus with a final grade of A or B.

Math Scholarship eligibility


Math Scholarship eligibility

1. Math Scholarship eligibility
    • Courses must be either MAT 117 College Algebra and Problem Solving or MAT 170 Precalculus.
    • You must complete the course before Aug 31, 2019.
    • Student must be paying for the courses on his or her own (Students in the Starbucks College Achievement plan, for instance, would not be eligible for this scholarship).
    • Scholarship does not apply to courses that have already been converted for credit.
    • You must earn a final grade of A or B in a course.

To receive the Math Scholarship

2. To receive the Math Scholarship

Submit your information above. You will receive an email notification confirming you are officially eligible for the award.

24-48 hours after completing your course with an A or a B, the scholarship will be applied to your account.

The cost of the course will be reduced to $0 and you will be able to convert the course for credit.

Converted credits are not eligible for a refund. Scholarship can only apply to credits not yet converted.

Scholarships will be awarded to the first 125 students who meet the above criteria and have submitted their information above.

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