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Marketing materials

Marketing materials

Resource materials for Earned Admission and Open Scale Courses

Whether you’re interested in bringing college courses to high school students or business employees, we have the materials you need to get the conversation started. Below you’ll find product PDFs on Arizona State University’s Earned Admission and Open Scale Courses.

Resources for Earned Admission

Earned Admission booklet

A sharable booklet on the benefits of Earned Admission for business employees and high school students. Learn about courses, partnerships, payment options and more.

Earned Admission flyer

A printable flyer with brief information about the Earned Admission program and how it works. Learn about available courses and program benefits.

Course Catalog

A downloadable course catalog with comprehensive information on Earned Admission courses. Learn about course topics and takeaways for learners.

Resources for high school students

Open Scale Courses flyer

A printable flyer about Open Scale Courses. Learn how high school students can test college readiness and progress toward degree without a financial commitment.

Engineering Fast Track flyer

A sharable flyer about the Engineering Fast Track. Learn how high school students can explore STEM fields and accelerate the completion of an engineering degree.