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Bring ASU college courses to your high school

Through Open Scale Courses, students in high school have the unique opportunity to test the college waters and earn college credit, without having to incur the financial or GPA risks.

How it works

Students choose from a variety of freshman-level courses, and only pay the $400 course fee at the end of the term if they are happy with the grade they have received.

Why offer Open Scale Courses

Open Scale Courses benefit high school students in a number of ways

Promote college readiness among the student body

Increase access to advanced college-level material, especially in the STEM fields

Provide affordable college credit options

Pathways into academic colleges at ASU

Pathways provide endless opportunities for students to study what they love.

Open Scale Courses benefit your business in a number of ways.

Engineering Fast Track

For students interested in STEM

To complete the Engineering Fast Track, a student must take MAT 265, CHM 114, FSE 100, and CSE 110 via Open Scale and complete this series with a 3.0 GPA. Upon completion, students will receive a STEM Record of Achievement, and will also be well on their way to the 3+1 program. This is an excellent opportunity for any high school students who think they may want to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering or accelerate their path to a master’s degree.

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