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MAT 265 - Calculus for Engineers I: Calculus with Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering

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Topics covered in this course include limits (including those involving infinity); derivatives and rates of change; continuity; applications of the derivative; linear approximation; accumulation; antidifferentiation; definite integrals; and more.

Content in this course is adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery in a certain concept before moving on

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Course prerequisites and requirements

To be successful in this course, we recommend English language fluency and computer literacy. We also encourage you to make sure your laptop or desktop computer meets the technical requirements.

MAT 170 is strongly suggested as a prerequisite for success in this course.

Quick facts

Next start date:

Jan. 11, 2022

  • Credits: 3
  • Length: Self-paced or 15 weeks
  • Cost: $25 + $400

What you’ll learn

  • The meaning and computation of limits
  • The meaning and determination of continuity
  • The meaning and computation of average rates of change and applications
  • The meaning and computation of instantaneous rates of change and applications
  • The meaning and computation of accumulation and applications
  • The meaning and computation of Riemann Sums and applications
  • Techniques to solve optimization problems and applications

What to expect in class

Video and Audio Lectures, Textbook, Gradarius Activities, Quizzes, Final Exam, Reflection Boards, Course Readiness Quiz

Exams and grading

Instructor paced


Gradarius Topics (23)


Gradarius Quizzes (5)


Final Exam (1)





Final Exam (1)


This course appears on your transcript identically to how it appears on the transcript of an enrolled ASU student who has taken the course on one of ASU’s campuses.

This course is worth 3 credit hours toward the Mathematical Studies (MA) General Studies requirement at Arizona State University. It is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring your credit.

Faculty and course staff

Fabio A

Fabio A


Director & Professor of Mathematics

Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Arizona State University

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