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We offer an expanding list of courses on the Earned Admission Track, taught by leading experts in their respective fields.

Courses offered on the Earned Admission Track are chosen because they either satisfy General Studies requirements or are a common pre-requisite across a variety of majors.

MAT 210

Brief Calculus: Calculus for Business and Economics

This college-level brief calculus course is ideal for students interested in business, economics, or social sciences. Learn more

MAT 265

Calculus for Engineers I: Calculus with Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering

This college-level calculus course is ideal for students interested in engineering, mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, earth and atmospheric sciences, and life sciences. Learn more

MAT 117

College Algebra and Problem Solving

This online math course teaches the fundamentals of algebra and will prepare you for calculus courses as you progress toward your college degree. Learn more

CIS 105

Computer Applications and Information Technology

This course addresses how businesses, through competitive strategy, are keeping pace in a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world. Course duration: 8 weeks. Credits availabe: 3. Learn more

ENG 101

English Composition

The purpose of this online English composition course is to help you improve your ability to communicate and to think critically through writing. Learn more

ENG 102

English Composition: Research and Writing

This course teaches you how to effectively execute a research-based writing project from conception to publication. Learn more

EA 11

Foundations for Earned Admission

This non-credit, self-paced orientation is designed to help you succeed as an online student during your Earned Admission Track. We recommend completing this orientation prior to beginning your first Earned Admission course. Learn more

CHM 114

General Chemistry for Engineers

In this online chemistry for engineers course, you’ll learn how atoms and molecules act and interact to make the modern materials that underpin technology and solve engineering challenges. Learn more

ASM 246

Human Origins

Human origins explores one of the most important questions in human history: Where did we come from? This online course looks at the scientific evidence for evolution and explores how our species fits into the natural world. Learn more

FSE 100

Introduction to Engineering: Imagine. Design. Engineer!

In this online engineering course, you will discover how to become a true engineer by exploring the engineering design processes in a hands-on learning environment. Learn more

EXW 100

Introduction to Health and Wellness

In this online health and wellness course, you will learn current concepts in exercise, health, and wellness. You will also gain valuable insight into how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Learn more

COM 100

Introduction to Human Communication

In this online communication course, you will learn the basics of effective human communication, which can change the way you interact with others and the world. Learn more

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

In this online sociology course, you will gain a deeper understanding of why people act the way they do. Learn more

AST 111

Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy

This online astronomy course will take you on a fascinating journey through the world of modern solar systems. Learn more

ECN 211

Macroeconomic Principles

Understand how the decisions of those around you impact your daily life, including the cost of everyday items and even how much you earn in your paycheck. Learn more

ECN 212

Microeconomic Principles: Decision Making Under Scarcity

In this online macroeconomics course, you will explore how the economic decisions made by the people around you affect the cost of goods and even how much you are paid by your employer. Learn more

CPP 194

National Service and American Democracy

Learn the basic principles of American democracy, how civic engagement has shaped the United States, and how you can become an active and engaged member of your own community. Learn more

MAT 170


This online precalculus course will teach you the skills required for success in future calculus studies. Learn more

CSE 110

Programming for Everyone: Introduction to Programming

In this online programming course, you will learn how to solve problems using programs for the devices that are all around us. Learn more

HST 102

Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe

This course will take you on an exploration of the beginnings and development of Western societies from the Ancient World through the Middle Ages. Learn more

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