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Preparing for Proctored Exams

Verify Setup

Your course might include an optional practice proctored exam so that you can make sure you can set up proctored exams on your computer.

The practice exam usually includes several example problems. The proctoring session for this exam is not reviewed, and this exam is not graded. Practice exams do not affect your grade or your eligibility for credit.

  1. In the course, open the practice exam.

  2. On the practice exam page, select Continue to my practice exam.

  3. Follow the steps under Follow these steps to set up and start your proctored exam to download and install the proctoring software.

  4. Open the RPNow software.

  5. Follow the steps in the RPNow software to input your exam code, show your identification, and perform a room scan.

    1. Keep the proctoring software window open.

    2. Return to the page where you copied your exam code.

    3. Select Start Proctored Exam.

  6. When you have completed all the questions, end the exam.

    1. On the timer bar and select End My Exam.

    2. Close the proctoring software browser window.

    3. When you receive a prompt, confirm that you want to quit the application.

After you complete the practice exam, the result page for the exam is visible in the exam browser window. For a practice exam, two results are possible.

  • Your practice proctored exam is complete: You completed the exam and experienced no issues with the proctoring software.

  • Your practice proctored exam failed: You completed the exam, but there were issues with the proctoring software. Some parts of the proctoring checks might have failed, or the proctoring software window might have closed before the exam ended.

You can retry a practice exam as many times as you want to. If you received a Failed result on your practice exam, you should try to fix any issues and take the practice exam again until you achieve a Completed result. Doing so will help you to make sure you can successfully take an actual proctored exam in the course.

If you continue to have problems with the proctoring software, select Contact Support in the proctoring software window or contact Software Secure/PSI Services by phone at 1-855-436-2039.

Time limits

All proctored exams have time limits. When a proctored exam starts, a countdown timer at the top of the course page also starts.

The countdown timer provides a warning when 20% of the time remains, and again when 5% of the time remains. For example, if you have 60 minutes to complete the exam, you will receive a warning when 12 minutes remain and again when 3 minutes remain.

If time runs out before you complete the exam, the proctoring review is submitted together with any answers that you have submitted. Even if you did not complete the exam, you might still receive enough points for a passing grade.

Check Proctoring Results

To view the results of your proctoring session, return to the exam page. One of the following results is visible.

Your proctoring session review result is separate from the score you achieve on your exam. You might Pass the proctoring review but not earn enough points to pass the exam. Or you might receive a passing grade on the exam but Fail the proctoring review.


Proctoring Review ResultDescription


The data from your proctoring session is still being reviewed. You can expect results to appear in 5 days.


You have passed the review. If you also achieve the minimum credit eligibility grade in your course, you can purchase academic credit.


There were either issues with your identity verification or evidence of suspicious activity during the exam.

An Failed result means that you automatically receive a score of 0 for the exam. For most courses, you are no longer eligible to purchase academic credit for the course, regardless of your final grade. For more information, see the guidelines for your course.

If you want to dispute this result, email us at or call 1-844-448-7707 .

After the due date for the exam has passed, you can also select View my exam on the exam page to review the exam problems and your answers.

Credit Eligibility on Your Progress Page

Depending on your proctoring session review results and the actual score you achieved on your exam, you will also see changes to your credit eligibility status on your Progress page.

How to Determine Your Proctoring Status

Midterm exam: This is what you can expect to see on your progress page upon successful completion of the midterm exam and proctoring process. You will notice the midterm requirement for credit is checked as "Completed."


Final exam: This is what you can expect to see on your progress page upon successful completion of the final exam and proctoring process. You will notice all three requirements for credit are checked as "Completed." 


Technical Problems During a Proctored Exam

You might encounter the following situations while you are taking a proctored exam.

  • The Proctoring Software Stops. If the proctoring software crashes, the exam automatically stops. In this situation, email us at or call 1-844-448-7707.

  • The Browser Closes. If you accidentally close your exam browser window, or if the browser in which the exam is running crashes, you will not receive an alert. The exam timer will continue to run. Make sure the proctoring software is still running, then open a new browser window and navigate back to your exam. You can continue your exam, but you will have lost time while the exam browser was closed. If your proctoring software also crashed, email us at or call 1-844-448-7707.

  • The Proctoring Software Window Closes. If you start to close your proctoring software window, alert messages warn you that you are ending your exam. If you continue and close the proctoring software window, both the exam and the proctoring session end. Answers in the exam up to the point that the session ended are submitted for grading, but the proctoring session recording might not be completely uploaded. In this situation, email us at or call 1-844-448-7707. The course team will decide whether your proctored exam attempt is valid.