How it works

How it works

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At ASU, we believe you should have every chance to succeed

Earned Admission is a great way for you to begin making progress toward a college degree. 

Follow the steps below to begin your journey. 


1 Register for Earned Admission

Click here to register


2 Receive your ASURITE login credentials

Look for an email within 7-10 days of registering containing a link to your Earned Admission portal and your ASURITE UserID.


3 Upgrade to the Credit Eligible Track and verify your identity

In order to receive academic credit, you need to verify your identity and upgrade to the Credit Eligible Track.

Use your ASURITE UserID to log into your Earned Admission portal. Click the “Pursue credit” button on the course name within your dashboard, and pay the $25 fee. If your employer is covering this cost, you will not need to pay.

After upgrading, you will be prompted to verify your identity. You will need to provide a photo of yourself along with a government issued ID. Be sure to do this at the beginning of the course. You will not be able to take your final exam if you have not verified your identity.


4 Complete your coursework

Successfully complete your coursework and submit all requested assignments by the due dates listed in the syllabus. At the end of most courses, you will need to take an online proctored exam.

To successfully pass a proctored exam, you need to:

  1. Have a computer that meets the technical requirements
  2. Have proctoring software installed.
    1. You must install the software again each time you take a final exam
    2. You must adhere to the rules posted in your course
    3. You must receive a verified status, indicating you followed proctoring rules while taking your exam

5 Get academic credit

If you are happy with your final grade, you can pay the $400 course fee and receive academic credit. This credit will appear on My ASU and your official ASU transcript. If you are not happy with your grade, you may retake the course.


6 Earn admission into ASU

If you have successfully completed your required credit hours with a 2.75 GPA or higher, you are eligible for admission into ASU. If you haven’t already, apply to the university to continue pursuing your undergraduate degree at ASU.