How it works

How it works

Whether you need a fresh start or a jump start, Earned Admission is your answer


Follow these six steps to register and begin making progress toward a college degree.

Register 1. Register

Begin the process

Click here to begin registering for Earned Admission.

Receive access 2. Receive access

Check your email

You will receive an email within 2-3 business days of registering with your ASURITE ID, which you will use to access your Earned Admission courses from your My ASU homepage.

Upgrade your course 3. Upgrade your course

How to upgrade

In order to be eligible to receive academic credit, you must upgrade your course and verify your identity.

Use your ASURITE User ID to log in to the Earned Admission dashboard. Click the "Upgrade" button on the course name within your dashboard, and pay the $25 fee.

Next, you will be prompted to verify your identity by providing a photo of yourself and a government-issued ID. You only need to verify your identity once ever while completing the Earned Admission program.

Start your course 4. Start your course

Complete your coursework

Begin completing your coursework by submitting all requested assignments by the due dates listed in the syllabus.

At the end of most courses, you will need to take an online proctored exam. For more information, read the following resources on exams:

Receive credit 5. Receive credit

Pay and earn credit

Happy with your final grade? Great! Pay the $400 course fee and receive academic credit, which will appear on My ASU and your official ASU transcript.

Not happy with your grade? Take the course again and only pay when you are satisfied.

Earn admission into ASU 6. Earn admission into ASU

You're ready to begin

If you complete your required credit hours with a 2.75 GPA or higher, you are eligible for admission into ASU. Apply to ASU and begin to pursue your undergraduate degree.


I'm ready to register

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