For the last several years, we have been working on identifying a new name for the courses we offer on that represents the wide and growing audiences that take them.

The courses have been used by individuals of all ages around the world to test the college waters, explore fascinating subjects and gain college credit. To date, more than 30,000 learners have used the courses to do everything from earn admission into the university, to make progress toward their college degree while living abroad.

We are thrilled to announce that starting in February 2021, we will be phasing out the name Open Courses and introducing our new name: Universal Learner Courses (ULC). These courses represent a part of ASU offerings supporting that lifelong, universal journey to access education and personal growth.

Everything you love about these courses is staying the exact same — the academic credit, the cost, the overall course experience and the ability to leverage these courses to earn admission into ASU. Rest assured, you can continue to learn, earn and explore as you have been for the last several years.

Thank you for being part of our journey, and letting us be part of yours.